Printing, packing, and shipping takes up a lot of time and requires a certain level of expertise.

We offer the dropshipping service to you. When a customer buys an item from you, we arrange for the item to be shipped to the customer directly.

We enable you to operate without maintaining inventory, owning a warehouse to store their products, or even having to ship your products to your customers themselves.


We help to find suppliers at a low cost and of a certain quality or characteristics for goods and supplies.

We get customers the best price for whatever item they need and fulfill quality guidelines.We guarantee the industrial facility or provider can create and convey the item in an ideal way.

We can move products faster, less expensive and with less danger through the whole global inventory network.



We ship anywhere. We ship to 120+ countries and understand the stuff to transport to every one of them. We work closely with large carriers (DHL Express and FedEx).

We have the IATA Dangerous Goods (DG) certificate.This is the worldwide guide for the transportation of dangerous goods and the only airline-recognized standard.

We received competency-based training and have got excellent results in assessment (CBTA).This ensures we are safe to travel and gives us a unique insight into the shipping flows.


We maintain close partnership relations with more than 70 companies throughout Europe.

Our dedicated E-commerce department works very closely with our online selling partners to ensure that we continue to be a part of the e-commerce growth in the region.

We work very closely with retailers to ensure that they are able to maximise the monetary returns from our products.